Links to some related areas, as well as some of my favorites in other areas.

NOTE: I know that a lot of these links are dead. I am in the process of seeing if the sites are still up, adding many more, and making this page more organized!

General science sites

The Science Hobbyist is the king of amateur science sources. It is hard to beat for cool science related links, and the projects are fascinating and lovingly described. Check out the article on hand drawn holograms!

Science Playwiths is jam packed with simple science projects and puzzles in many areas. This man wants you to enjoy learning!

The Fun Science Gallery. Don't miss this one! Wonderful and detailed articles on optics, a Leeuwenhoek type microscope, plants, and even folk toys. In Italian and English.

Bad Science dispels many popular misconceptions about science.

The Why Files is an excellent and well organized site presented by the National Institute for Science Education.

If you don't want your favorite pseudoscientific notions rationally debunked, then don't visit The Skeptic's Society or The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (who publish the Skeptical Inquirer).

Bill Nye the Science Guy is a great science page for kids of all ages. There are always interesting links, as well.

Beakman's World is home to the entertaining and very sadly missed program.

Beakman and Jax page is a good one to check out as well.

A good general purpose units converter.

The Star Hustler, Jack Horkheimer's, home page.

Physics 2000 is a very entertaining online physics course.

Build it and bust it is set up to teach the user about engineering using a very interactive format. If you dig structural engineering, check this out!

Explore Science is a nicely done interactive science site.


All sorts of cool electrostatics sites are out there! Here are a few...
Electrstatic Machines
The Sparkling Tesla Coil

Fun with food

The Solar Cooking Archive is the place to go if you are interested in using the energy of our favorite star to cook.

Fun with grapes - a case study. Sparking grapes. Check it out. Also see An investigation into the cause of sparks between grape halves when exposed to microwaves of varying intensity and direction at 2.54 GHz, a scholarly study of the phenomenon.

Glowing pickle sites an be found at Characterization of Organic Illumination Systems, which is a fairly scholarly study of the subject, and the Gherkins Homepage, where all sorts of pickled veggies are caused to light up.

Spud guns

This is a very popular subject on the net. A good places to start is The Spudgun Technology Center. Check out their links page!

Museums, institutions and organisations

The Exploratorium is a good source for all sorts of science projects, articles, and links.

The NASA homepage teaches in a very entertaining way, and is home to some fantastic images.

The Smithsonian Institution. What can be said? This is the home page of one of the finest collections in the world.

The Discovery Channel homepage is one of the slickest science pages going.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science is my hometown museum, so I'm rather partial to it!

Edmund Scientific is one of the best sources of supplies for the weekend scientist.

The Langley Research Center is a good starting point for government sites on the web.

My own personal favorites

The James Randi Educational Foundation Homepage is for everyone who well knows the meaning of the words bunk and hokum. This is the guy who drove Uri Geller off the map. Read his books if you haven't yet.

The International Carnivorous Plant Society. What can I say? I dig carnivorous plants. And if you do too, this is the place.

The Apple II emulation page. Here is your chance to turn your billion-dollar computer into a green-screen wielding 1980's classic. Nothing else is so cool and so geeky at the same time. Image files are available of many titles, including my favorite, "Ali Baba".

Raymond Scott .com is the official site of an American composer whose name may not be familiar, but whose works are often heard paraphrased in films and animated cartoons. A true genius who also invented many unique electronic musical instruments. Highly recommended site!

Theremin World is your starting place for information and links concerning my musical instrument of choice. If you are really into it, see also the Theremin Enthusiasts Club International.

Be sure and check out the Hot Toads Shrunken Head Cam, in my humble opinion the coolest use for a webcam anyone has come up with in a while.

Sites included mostly because I know these people, but also because they are low fat and meaty good!

Vlad's Hall is a good source of links to web building areas and general wackiness. There are great links galore, and quite a bit of history as well. I especially recommend "The Old Campaigner".

The Great Hardini's Homepage is full of oddities and odd links.

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