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4/26/2005 A MAJOR (and somewhat obsessive) reworking of the Foxhole Radio pages. Build a radio from a razor blade! Learn a little history!

9/15/2004 Some minor revisions to the phonograph page (actually the first part of a major overhaul) including some added diagrams.

9/15/2004 Some minor revisions to the phonograph page (actually the first part of a major overhaul) including some added diagrams.

8/12/04 The site has been doemant for a while, but I'm happy to say that it is back in full swing! Look for lots of revisions, tweaks, new projects and new sections in the future.

12/11/00 A guide to safely viewing a solar eclipse.

11/14/00 More info added to the track casting page.

10/30/00 Harness the power of the sun to bake your pies with this solar oven! Plus new material added to the Foxhole Radio page.

10/26/00 I am in the process of revising the Foxhole Radio page, and I would like to add more of the history behind these sets. If you or someone you know built a receiver like this, during wartime or otherwise, from improvised parts, or if you have or know of any surviving sets that I may photograph, please contact me at Ultimately I would like for this page to be a brief history of these sets, told by the resourceful people who constructed them.

The project this time: build this basic range finder to help judge distances.

2/29/00 How to build an airship (well, sort of). A classic article from 1909. Don't try this one at home! Also a slight revision of the crystal garden.

1/18/00 Out of matches? Start that fire the old fashioned Boy Scout way with a wooden bow and drill. Also, help support this site by visiting the Bizarre Stuff Bookstore!

10/11/99 Now you don't need to climb that tree or water tower to find out how tall it is, as long as you have your handy dandy hypsometer !

10/04/99 A print and assemble zoetrope has been added as an extension of the persistence of vision page. Additions to the foxhole radio page. Also, see if you are up to the challenge of answering the requests posted on the bulletin board !

3/11/99 The bizarre garden has been planted, featuring the classic celery and colored water trick, spore prints, leaf skeletons, and mold gardens.

3/3/99 Along with the original cloud chamber page, there are now vintage plans for an expansion-type chamber as well as another continuous type. Also a slight revision of the track casting page.

2/2/99 Catching up on donations... added a larger hovercraft model (one you can ride!) to the hovercraft page (thanks to David Smith); added Metamucil to the Slime page (thanks to Randy Krumland); and added Wayne Plummer's sparking buckets page.

1/19/99 There has been a temporary disruption in my schedule, so there hasn't been much added in the last few months. However, I am now working on several pages at once, and if all goes well I will start to add them in the very near future. Check back on this page for additions.

11/16/98 Two new projects submitted by Peter Balch, the harmonograph and a simple humidity meter, as well as an addition to the cartesian diver page.

11/15/98 A brief introduction to playing the musical saw , written by Stewart C. Russell of Glasgow. Also please check out the new ALT.SCI.AMATEUR newsgroup. Hopefully this will become the new forum for the kitchen/garage/rumpus room scientist set.

10/7/98 Just in time for Halloween! Make your very own shrunken head (corrected 10/8).

9/21/98 Slight revision to the big page of slime .

9/16/98 A very simple microscope based on Leeuwenhoek's design.

9/15/98 Added the gum wrapper popper and amended the atmospheric can crush and the model hovercraft .

9/11/98 The classic amazing atmospheric can crush .

8/31/98 A model hovercraft made from posterboard.

8/19/98 Updated the sugar cube page.

8/18/98 Updated the egg page.

8/17/98 Construction of a diode for a crystal radio set (part of the crystal radio page). Also added a few more recipes to the slime page, and another version of the volcano project.

8/16/98 I've added a bulletin board . General questions about science or specific projects, as well as notices about science related equipment needed or for sale, will be posted here.

8/13/98 Updates to the match stick rocket and fake blood pages.

7/25/98 Start your own tiny Cape Kennedy with a match stick rocket .

7/16/98 Casting animal tracks in plaster.

7/10/98 There has been a lapse in progress as far as projects being added. This is due in part to our computer room recently doubling as a nursery for one of our pets, making extended periods of work impractical. Work should resume in the next couple of weeks. Please check back!

6/19/98 Stage those old west brawls with this fake glass .

6/12/98 Transfer ink for transferring images from magazines and newspapers, as well as additions to the sound ring page.

6/8/98 Make your own bubble juice and bubble tank on the bubble page .

6/4/98 The first and second installment in a new batch of electric motor projects.

6/2/98 A very simple periscope project.

5/31/98 Experimenting with sound rings .

5/30/98 See what lies just below the surface with this underwater observation glass .

5/29/98 If you liked clouds in a bottle, try a snowstorm in a can .

5/29/98 Dancing raisins is a very silly page indeed.

5/26/98 Major revision and expansion of the crystals page, as well as the clouds in a bottle page.
5/15/98 Put those electromagnets to work with this cool electromagnetic horn !
5/10/98 Keeping crickets as pets and other cricket lore .
5/5/98 The first installment of "fun with electromagnets ".
5/1/98 Earthquake study with a home made seismograph .
4/22/98 Collecting micrometeorites .
4/15/98 Revision of the cloud chamber and cosmic ray detector page, as well as the ink page.
3/4/98 The Persistence of Vision page features Zootropes, Praxinoscopes, and all sorts of early animation toys and devices.
2/16/98 Added a nice vintage article about coils. It is in three parts, the secondary coil, the Tesla coil, and the Leyden jar . They are great old projects, but remember that they do use high voltage electricity, and are very dangerous!
2/12/98 The cloud chamber has been converted to a cosmic ray detector .
2/2/98 Happy groundhog day! In addition to the simple pinhole camera page and the basic pinhole theory page, there is now a page on pinhole optimization .
1/29/98 The first installments of the pinhole camera pages.
1/23/98 The absolute final revisions of the crystal radio and foxhole radio pages (maybe).
1/19/98 Old radio sound effects, the boing box and the twang box; clouds in a bottle, the electric lemon, simple steam engines, and graphics have been added to the Edison's phonograph project for clarity.
1/18/98 Classic fun with geology: a volcano model: 2 types! Several simple projects and gags including the sugar cube trick, the secret message in an egg, and a very simple telescope. And, yes, even more revisions of the crystal radio and foxhole radio pages. Many more projects are in the works!
1/14/98 Even more foxhole radio stuff, including a major correction of the first schematic.
1/13/98 More foxhole radio information, and the addition of the Big page of Slime !
1/8/98Added more crystal radio info, as well as a WWII era foxhole radio set.
1/3/98 Total revision of pages... new logo, etc. In the process of adding many more projects... stay tuned!
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